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Exhibition - Mona Reimer

Standort: Älmhult
Veranstaltungsort: Möckelsnäs herrgård
Kategorie: Veranstaltungen, Kunst und Kultur

"Moods of nature - Moments in life" , paintings in oil by Mona Reimer.

Nature is my wellspring of inspiration. Light is important in a painting.
Likewise, everything I paint has touched me in some way. Stones, chicken, sheep or a cat ...
A mood of nature, a ray of light somewhere that catches my attention. Colors, shades, plays of light and shadow. All this speaks to me. I paint in acrylics. Periodically, inspiration flows and I can paint one painting after another as if it will never end, then it may take me a while before I pick up the brush again. Nevertheless, my thoughts are almost always in pictures and I file them away in my memory until it is time to paint again.
Welcome to my exhibition at Möckelsnäs manor. Feel free to look around and I hope you will then find something that interests you.

The exhibition is on display at Möckelsnäs manor from May to August.

For opening hours see Möckelsnäs website.


Datum Uhrzeit Veranstaltungsort
26 Aug
Montag 26 aug 2019 Möckelsnäs herrgård
28 Aug
Mittwoch 28 aug 2019 Möckelsnäs herrgård
30 Aug
Freitag 30 aug 2019 Möckelsnäs herrgård
31 Aug
Samstag 31 aug 2019 Möckelsnäs herrgård


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