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Exhibition - Tony Roos

Veranstaltungsort: Kulturhuset Blohmé
Kategorie: Kunst und Kultur
Datum: Samstag 12 okt 2019

An exhibition of the exhibition that will be on October 12 - November 16 at Kulturhuset Blohmé.

Tony Roos has a creative mind with a seamless passion for figurative work. He was born in 1983 in Älmhult,
but is now living in Växjö. Tony's endless obsession with the human anatomy has developed
technology in the use of oil. Although he mainly paints the human body and the face likes
he did not call himself a portrait artist. “My paintings are emerging from an interaction between realism
and abstraction. Somewhere at the border between chaos and calm I create my paintings for that
satisfy my fascination with the human form. As an artist I have always been told to
"Drop Control", which is something I have been struggling with throughout my career. But my art is anything but
released, on the contrary, it is very balanced and strict. It is a direct reflection of how I am like one
person. There is something soothing to me with the graphic pattern that builds the anatomy in mine
paintings. It makes me feel that I have control, if only for the specific moment I work
my art. It is also this feeling I want to convey to my audience. ”


Datum Uhrzeit Veranstaltungsort
12 Okt
Samstag 12 okt 2019 11:00 - 13:00 Kulturhuset Blohmé


Kontakt Namen
Älmhults konstförening


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