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The Grass family show

Kategorie: Musik und Unterhaltung
Datum: Sonntag 3 nov 2019

For family and children from 4 years. Claire Parsons Co. and the Puppet Theater. The scene is covered in grass and half a car is on its way in. Doors open. Two red-haired figures and a fig-sucking neighbor show up. The rain juggles under a cloud. Busses become thought bubbles ... The movements take place and the music is mixed with the sounds of birds chirping and mowers. Big and small, the perspectives play with us. Here in the grass, anything can happen!

The Grass family show is an imaginative collaboration between Claire Parsons Co and the Puppet Theater. Here, dancers, puppeteers and a circus artist meet for the very first time on stage. Length of performance: 40 minutes

Tickets of SEK 50 can be purchased from two weeks before the performance at Älmhult's library, Muff and at Aktivitetshuset.

Arr: Älmhult Municipality, Activity House and Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan


Datum Uhrzeit Veranstaltungsort
3 Nov
Sonntag 3 nov 2019 13:00 - 14:00  



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