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Family opera: Little Figaro

Kategorie: Musik und Unterhaltung
Datum: Samstag 9 nov 2019

On Saturday, November 9, the Smålands Opera will visit Möckelsnäs!

5 pm. Serves tonight's opera dinner in the manor's dining room
7 pm. The performance begins in the Möckelsnäs Garden concert hall
The evening offers a shorter version of Mozart's opera, Little Figaro. Which revolves around one and the same day, the crazy day, Figaro's wedding day. Instead of preparing for the upcoming wedding, everyone runs around in their closed rooms and focuses on other things.
9 pm. Dessert is served at the manor for those wishing to split the dinner. Of course, you can eat the whole dinner before the show starts.

The opera package with overnight stay
3-course dinner, opera tickets and overnight stay
Price / person in single room SEK 2,020
Price / person in double room SEK 1.575

Opera package
3 course dinner & opera tickets
Price: 750 SEK / person

Arr: Möckelsnäs Trädgård och Kulturcentrum och
Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan (SV)


Datum Uhrzeit Veranstaltungsort
9 Nov
Samstag 9 nov 2019 17:00 - 21:00  


Kontakt Namen
Möckelsnäs trädgård


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