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Children Theater: "Väsen"

Kategorie: Musik und Unterhaltung
Datum: Samstag 30 nov 2019

Theater 23 - Family performance, for children 3-5 years. A child is on his way home to his grandmother. In the middle of the forest, on the path where the child walks, suddenly, a strange being from another world suddenly appears and prevents the child from moving on. Both the child and the being become both surprised and a little suspicious in the encounter with the other. But eventually, a mutual understanding between the two widely separated beings will begin to emerge. Theater 23 presents a newly written performance that takes away from our human need to understand our world and make us understand it. The young audience is invited to a magical world where both the well-known but also the unknown and spectacular are accommodated. Duration of the show: 45 min including subsequent play sessions.

Tickets of SEK 50 can be purchased from two weeks before the performance at Älmhult's library, Muff and at Aktivitetshuset. Arr: Älmhults municipality, Aktivitetshuset and ABF


Datum Uhrzeit Veranstaltungsort
30 Nov
Samstag 30 nov 2019 13:00 - 14:00  



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