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Friskis & Svettis - senior open house

Kategorie: Sports und Freizeit
Datum: Mittwoch 9 okt 2019

Are you curious about our workouts and our premises or are you most likely to be the pimple? We would like to introduce you and Friskis to you! You will be met by 30 years of soft training experience for seniors.

On October 9 at 9:30 to 11:30 you are warmly welcomed.
We start at 9:30 with a tour and presentation of the premises and
operations. After that we offer coffee.

Are you looking to stay and try some exercise, or maybe just watch,
you are welcome to participate in Flex Soft with Zara Tall.
Flex Soft is a workout where we work with softening mobility training. Are you stiff as a stick? Perfect! At Flex soft you train your mobility from the ground up. You soften and stretch your muscles and joints for the most part
dynamic movements. The feeling is focused and soft. The workout fits extra well if you are new, above or if you want to work out at an unstressed pace. Feel and stretch. And don't be surprised if you find new muscles and joints in your body.


Datum Uhrzeit Veranstaltungsort
9 Okt
Mittwoch 9 okt 2019 09:30 - 11:30  


+46 0476 647794
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Zara Tall


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