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  • Gärdslevargens koja ("The hovel of the Gärdslewolf", legendary place)

Gärdslevargens koja ("The hovel of the Gärdslewolf", legendary place)

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At this legendary place you'll find an old hut in the forest, where a man called "Gärdslevargen" used to live.

"Gärdslevargen, who’s real name was Johan Svensson, was born outside of marriage on the 26th December 1840 in Härlunda parish. Svensson is said to have been a big, coarse-limbed and strong man. When helping the local farmers to chop "gärdsle", i.e. poles for fences, he would sometimes howl like a wolf - an animal that in those days still could be seen in the region.

Despite of the fact that he was considered slightly feeble-minded, Gärdslevargen was enrolled as a soldier (he was however dismissed after two years). His reputation was bad, and he got caught for stealing and was sentenced to penal servitude several times. Johan Hult, (his name as a soldier), was finally – for somewhat dubious reasons – accused for the murder of his neighbour. He was sentenced to life and died in prison in Malmö 1901. His life is described in the book "Härlundamordet" by Jan Mellhed (1993)."

The text above is written by John Käll and taken from the book "Värt att se, värt att uppleva i Älmhults kommun".

The hut is now taken care of by the local history association of Härlunda.

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