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Linnéleden (The Linnaeus Route)

Address: Växjövägen Show map

Address: Växjövägen

The Linnaeus Route (Linnéleden) is the name of the old road passing through Stenbrohult, between Älmhult and Eneryda. The road, previously Route 23, was re-numbered Route 600 in 1986.

The Linnaeus Route is approximately 20 kilometers long and has an interesting history. In the 17th century, when the region bordered on Denmark, it was an important military route. For the local inhabitants it has been a vital trading route for hundreds of years.

The road winds its way through an historical region of outstanding natural beauty, full of interest for those prepared to take their time. In the south it begins at Kulturhuset Blohmé in the centre of Älmhult, and in the north a little bit south of Eneryda.

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