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Address: Stenbrohult, 343 71 Diö Show map

Address: Stenbrohult, 343 71 Diö

ronze Age burial ground at Stenbrohult
"Bokebacken" is situated close to the Stenbrohult vicarage grounds. The impressive beech forest harbours a Bronze Age burial ground whith eight stone mounds. In the area between Getryggen and Stenbrohult church other prehistoric monuments can be found as well for example, a stone tomb from the early Stone Age, situated north of the Sällhult estate.

The Stenbrohult church stables
Stables near churches were used for feeding and watering horses while their owners were at prayer. Those at Stenbrohult were built at the beginning of the 19th century. Originally there were stables on both sides of the road but only half remain today. These were restored in 1979. One curiosity is that the thatch used for the roof had to be imported from Hungary as no suitable material could be found in Sweden.

Stenbrohult church
From the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 20th century, Stenbrohult was the centre of the area today known as the Linnaeus District. The construction of the church and purchase of the surrounding land could be implemented thanks to a donation made by the knight Bengt Tykesson in the 14th century. Only the cellar of the original building, situated to the south of the present church, remains today. Close to the church is Gerda Springchorn’s Linnaeus statue from 1948. On the spot where the old church’s choir was once located, a monument to Carl Linnaeus’s parents and brother can now be found.

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