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Lake Möckeln area

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Lake Möckeln covers an area of 46 square kilometers. Its current characteristics is a result of lowering the lake by 1,85 metres in the 1850’s. Today, the lake is not subject to water level management. Lake Möckeln is fed by Helge river at Diö, as well as from Lake Agunnarydsjön and Lake Målasjön. Water pollution is not significant.

The most common fish in lake Möckeln are perch, pike and zander (pike-perch). The wels catfish appears frequently close to where the rivers fall into the lake. The rare blue bream (Abramis ballerus) can also be seen here.

The birdlife around Lake Möckeln is rich, thanks to the characteristics of the surrounding area. The old-growth forest area around the lake is one of the largest in Sweden with a high proportion of hardwood trees (8-10 square kilometres), making it an attractive nesting site for species such as the lesser spotted woodpecker and the red-breasted flycatcher. The osprey and the black-throated diver appear frequently. The lake is also important for migratory birds, such as common merganser, whooper swan, and white-tailed eagle.

As for insects, several rare species of beetles can be found in the woods around the lake.

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