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Bicycling-tour - The Carl von Linné Tour - 40 km

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Inspiration tour, partly without signposts. There are blue signposts from Älmhult to Linné’s Råshult.

Start and finish: Älmhult market place

Places the tour passes: Älmhult market place- Lake Möckeln – Sällhult - Stolpastugan – Åsen – Råshult - Duvelycke – Röshult - Stubbinge - Bergön - Diö - Skogslund - Tångarne – Höö – Tångarne (nature reserve) - Granebo - Kroken - Stenbrohult – Taxås – Möckelsnäs – Taxås - Stenbrohult - Sällhult - Möckelns bathing place – Älmhult market place.

Description: This is a varying and easy tour that goes through an interesting culture area and a beautiful landscape. The tour to Möckelsnäs is a back and forth road. At Linnés Råshult Culture reserve there is plenty to see. Adjacent to this culture reserve is a garden café where you may have a nice cup of coffee.

A place you don’t want to miss is Höö nature reserve. The flora is rich in species, the hay-making is made in the traditional way. The view from the Look out at Taxås klint is ravishing. Down below you see an old stone quarry and Lake Möckeln. The beautiful Möckelsnäs Herrgård (the Manor of Möckelsnäs), is said to be dated back to the 14th century.

This Linné tour is mostly on gravelled ground, partly on asphalt (at Diö and Stenbrohult).

Things and places worth a visit: Möckelns bathing place, stone cist i Sällhult, Rullstensås (boulder-ridge) between Stolpastugan and Råshult, Linné’s Råshult (the native place of Carl von Linné), Sockertoppen (mound of stones) in Dihult, Funkisfsbriken (handicraft), Gemla möbler (furniture museum), Gammalt stationshus (old train station), Odlingslandskap (culture landscape) in Tångarne, Höö nature reserve, Hällkista (stone cist) in Taxås, Look out at Taxås klint, the Manor of Möckelsnäs, Kronan nature reserve, statue of Carl von Linné at Stenbrohult church, Kyrkstallarna (church stables) at Stenbrohult church.

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