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Bicycling tour - Lake Virestadsjön Tour - 26 km

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This is an inspiration tour without signposts

Start and finish: Virestad bathing place and nature camping

Places the tour passes: Virestad bathing place and nature camping – Ekhult – Degersnäs – Bråthult – Ållnebro – Apelhult – Valid – Graneryd – Holkya – Sedingehult – Järpanäs – Buhult – V Garanshult – Arnanäs – Kvarnatorp – Virestad – Ö Välje – Virestads bathing place and nature camping.

Description: The tour winds alongside Lake Virestadssjön. It has beautiful roads with many spots with nice views over the lake. Galghallarna just outside Valid is, according to a legend, a place of execution. In Arnanäs recreation area, you’ll find a lovely place for a break. The church in Virestad has the biggest altar-piece in Scandinavia, painted by Pehr Hörberg.

Things and places worth a visit: Brudgummehallen in Norsholm (a boulder at a place of a local legend), Ållonebro (stone arch bridge) in Bråthult, Galgahallarna (a medieval place of execution) in Valid, Arnanäs recreation area, the smithy in Kvarnatorp, Stubbalyckeboken (a huge beech) in Stubbalycke, Virestadsekarna (oak trees) in Virestad. The church in Virestad, Virestads Hembygdspark (homestead museum),

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