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Bicycling tour - The Western Tour - 85 km

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An inspiration tour without signposts

Start and finish: Älmhult market place

Places the tour passes: Älmhults torg - Älmhults kyrka - Bökhult - Hökhult - Sjöastadbygd - Boastad - Linderås - Sjöabro - Runnarsköp - Kalvsnäs - Möcklehult - Oshult - Pjätteryd - Lönshult - Gustavsfors - Fredriksfors - Abborraslätt - Bårshult - Askenäs - Pampatorpet - Käskhult - Gösköp - Judhult - Strömmaköp - Höjden - Stuvhult - Rishult - Lindhult - V Vägla - Ö Vägla - Hallaborg - Hallaryd - Kråkeryd - Örsnäs - Brännhult - Kalvshult - Klädekulla - Kruseböke - V Torp - Gnubbefälle - Killeboda - Loshult - Kongstorp - Bockatorp - Klöxhult - Älmhults torg.

Description: This tour passes a variety of characteristic nature types, such as mixed forest, lakes and streams. It’s a nice tour, suitable for those who have some experience. There are plenty of nature experiences and things worth seeing. If you would like to go fishing, there are a lot of opportunities for that along the tour. Don’t forget to bring your fishing licence!

The tour passes quite a few nice lakes. Among them, Vitasjön and Krusasjön are worth mentioning. They have nice bathing places. The tour is partly on asphalt, partly a gravelled path. And a two kilometer long passage between Gustavsfors and Fredriksfors, is a free of cars walk and bike path.

In Runnarsköp you find the Worlds widest stone wall, measuring six meter. Moreover, Gustavsfors is worth a closer look. In this former water power area there are plenty to discover. The history of the Mansion of Askenäs goes back to the 15th century.

The tour also passes the 6.8 meter long Judhultsgraven - one of the biggest stone cists in Sweden. You are also welcome to make a little detour to Göteryd village where you find both church, homestead museum and a handicraft school. In Vägla, the path winds beautifully between two lakes.

Things and places worth a visit: Bökhults bathing place, Bokhults hantverksgård (handicraft), Grenadjärtorpet (old crofter’s holding), Boas

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