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Bicycle tour - The Gustafsfors Tour - 35 km

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Inspiration tour without signposts

Start and finish: The market place in Älmhult

Places the tour passes: The market place in Älmhult - Bökhult - Hökhult - Sjöastadbygd - Boastad - Linderås - Runnarsköp - Kalvsnäs - Möcklehult - Oshult - Pjätteryd - Lönshult - Jonsboda - Gustavsfors - Fredriksfors - Killeboda - Åraslöv - Jonsboda - Hökhult - Bökhult – The market place in Älmhult.

Description: This is a quite easy tour, without any larger difference in altitude. In Runnarsköp you find the world’s widest stone wall, measuring six meter. Gustavsfors is also worth a closer look. In this former water power area there’s plenty to discover. Later on, don’t miss the lovely view over the rapid in Helge å (a river) between Fredriksfors and Gustavsfors. This part is free of cars. Gustavsforsleden is a varying tour on both paved roads, gravelled roads and narrow footpaths.

Things and places worth a visit: Bathing place in Bökhult, Bokhults hantverksgård (handicraft), Grenadjärstorpet (crofter’s holding), Boastadstenen (stone), Stone wall in Runnarsköp, The “Linbastu” (old palce to dry flax) in Möcklehult, Björkö dansbana (traditional open-air dance floor), Stone arch bridge in Oshult, The church in Pjätteryd, Pjätteryds Hembygdspark (homestead park), Lönshult village, Gustavsfors (cultural industry area), Fredriksfors, Old tar pile in Jonsboda, Grenadjärtorpet (crofter’s holding), Bokhults hantverksgård (handicraft).

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