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Bicycle tour - Lake Römningen Tour - 14 km

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This tour has yellow signposts

Start and finish: Hembygdsparken (homestead museum) in Göteryd.

Places the tour passes: Göteryd - Ekenäs - Askenäs - Tiakölna - Fåglanäs - Bjärnhult - Ramnäs - Hultet - Ljunggårdsköp - Göteryd

Description: This 14 kilometer long tour winds around Lake Römningen. It is mostly on gravelled ground, partly on asphalt. There are many places with information signs to stop by. In the village Ekenäs you find an old mill with an eel-trap.
Feel free to make a detour to the Manor of Askenäs, which dates back to the 15th century. The Manor of Tiakölna was in the 16th century owned by the dynasty Lilliesparre. In this area the road wind its way along the seashore and there are places where you may go for a swim.
Next village on the tour, Fåglanäs, was in the 14th century owned by a wealthy man called Peder Dudde. He was father in law to the knight Abraham Brondersson. The next mansion on the tour is called Bjärnhult, and dates back to the 16th century. Here, the tour cross Lillån, (a small river). If you have a fishing license you may try your good luck in fishing here. The village Ramnäs is also very old, as the map of the old middle age village reveals. In the village Göteryd you may visit the church, Slöjdskolan (handicraft school), and the homestead museum.

Things and places worth a visit: Göteryds Hembygdspark (homestead museum), “Slöjdskolan” (“handicraft school”) in Göteryd, the church in Göteryd, Ekenäs kvarn (mill), Orebergets festplats (place of festivity and dance), the Manor of Askenäs, a cist grave in Kvarntorpet, the manor of Fåglanäs, the manor of Bjärnhult, the bathing place in Ramnäs, the cist grave close to Ramnäs.

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