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Memories from a industrial period in Delary

Address: Delary Bruk 6, 343 95 Älmhult Show map

Address: Delary Bruk 6, 343 95 Älmhult

Outdoor memories from an industrial period in Delary. Open daily, outdoor.

The industrial period began in the early 18th century. The young lieutenant Samuel Uneér settled down here at the Lillary estate. From there he leads Ry iron-industry. The furnace in Delary was run by waterpower from river Lillån. The smithies got their power from the river Helge å.

The local history association in Göteryd has made an exhibition showing the local industry development from the beginning of the 18th century until 1981, when Södras pulp mill was shut down. You can find it where road 120 crosses the river. You can also see a hundred years old locomotive made in Delary area. You can also find the Göteryd bank here. This bank's history is shown in a bankmuseum where you can see the original furniture and equipment. The bank started in 1883 in other premises and moved to this location in 1910.

The area also displays some interesting buildings from early 20th century.

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