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Address: Gåaryd 1, 343 93 Älmhult Show map

Address: Gåaryd 1, 343 93 Älmhult

Gustavsfors is situated south of Pjätteryd, along the Helge river. Here you´ll find ruins, which bear testimony of the small industries that existed here in the 18th and 19th centuries, such as a paper mill and a tannery. A signposted walking trail through the beautiful landscape connects the ruins and tells you more about the history of this interesting place (information boards in English available). The trail is 4,5 kilometers long and you will find a map at the power station in Gustavsfors, or you can get one at the tourist information in Älmhult.

Gustavsfors is also known for its fishing ground. Here, anglers from far and near gather in order to hook salmon and other types of game fish.

On the area you will also find an old prison called Tjyvahålan and according to the prison there are several legends. According to the legends there lives also trolls in the forest around Gustavsfors. Gustavsfors is one of the places in the land of legends and you can visit both the prison and even read a couple of the stories on an information sign.

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