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Fishing licence - Gustavsfors

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From 2018 the fishing licence for GUSTAVSFORS is available only through .
Fishing grounds: Gustavsfors - Strömsträckan.

Species: Trout

Fishing in Helge river is allowed during the period from 1 April to 30 November. The validity of the fishing license is indicated on the card and entitles the capture of 2 rainbows per day for day passes, 3-day cards and annual maps. For annual maps, a maximum catch of 25 rainbows applies. Rainbow must not be reissued. If the catch quotas are met, the fishing will end or a new fishing license must be bought.

Trout and harrow are protected and must be reissued in undamaged condition. It is forbidden to fish for mal in Sweden. In case of accidental catch of a mal, this should be released immediately in the river. Fish put back must not be taken out of the water. Release the hook while the fish remains in the water.

There is a fishing ban on a marked area at Brokabygden. Spinning means fishing with drag, jigg, spinner, wobbler and throwing float. For more information, see the website!
Fishing from boat or canoe is forbidden in this part of Helge River.

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