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Fishing licence - Lake Möckeln

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Fishing grounds: Möckeln, Steningen, Såganässjön, Kattsjön and parts of Helge river.

Be aware! Fishing in Insjön (in lake Möckeln) is not allowed!

Älmhults turistinformation, 0476-551 52
Ljungby turistcenter 0372-78 92 20
Sjöstugans camping, 0476-716 00
BT Järn, Älmhult, 0476-145 45
Ica-nära Liatorp, 0476-200 75
Matöppet Agunnaryd, 0372-690 39

Species: See

Boat-ramp is located in the southern part of Möckeln at Getryggens båthamn, Näset, near Älmhult.

There are a map with depts in Möckeln for sale at Älmhults turistinformation.

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