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Activities in Älmhult - 108 matches

Vakö mire

Area: Älmhult   Map

National parks and nature, Activities, Hiking/walking [...] Vakö mire is one of the largest, treeless marshes in the county. In the summer of 1992 it was ravaged by fire. Many animals, plants, insects, birds, fungi and lichen strongl...

Walking trail - Haganäs park

Area: Älmhult   Map

Activities, Hiking/walking, Attractions [...] In the Haganäs park close to central Älmhult is there a walking path with information signs of former Älmhult. Haganäs park is a leisure area with forest enviroment.

Walking trails - Hallaryd

Area: Älmhult   Map

Activities, Hiking/walking In the area surrounding Hallaryd there are good possibilities for Walking. There are two running trails of 1,5 and 3 km. There are also two nature trails of 500 m and 3 km. Fina...

Walking-trail – Nature reserve Kronan

Area: Älmhult   Map

Hiking/walking, Activities After a journey along winding dirt tracks through impressive deciduos forests you will reach Möckelsnäs manor. South of the manor is Kronan, a nature reserve in decidous woods. ...

Walking-trail – On yesterday’s paths Sjöastadbygd

Area: Älmhult   Map

Hiking/walking, Activities Follow the walking trail and take the opportunity to see the remains of several old settlements. This particular area was famous for its tar burning and pitch cooking. More info...

Walking-trail – Såganäs

Area: Älmhult   Map

Hiking/walking This 2-kilometre trail passing through the parish where Carl Linnaeus was born is a genuine piece of southern Småland, with cairns, fields, meadows, stone walls, and other remai...

Walking-trail – Scania tour (Skånerundan)

Area: Älmhult   Map

Hiking/walking, Activities, History and culture Along this walk in the woods, there are a number of relics from the old peasant and crofter society which had a completely different lifestyle than that of today' s. Signs with ...

Woodland Fishing

Fishing Woodland fishing offers tailor-made fishing experiences in lakes and streams in Älmhult and its environs. It is possible to fish from boat and kayak together with the guide. Rea...

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