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Art path in Älmhult City

Address: Älmhult Show map

Address: Älmhult

2,6 km long Art path in central parts of Älmhult. Takes 1 - 2 hours. You can get a paper map on the Tourist information.


1. Älmhults Church (Älmhults kyrka)
The year of 1930 the city of Älmhult got its own church, drawn by architect Knut Nordenskjöld. The inhabitants of Älmhult were earlier referred to Stenbrohults church. The organ is from Italy and was opened 2009.

2. Roundabout: Signs (Rondell: skyltar)
This artwork from 2016 contains a collage of road signs from all corners of the world. They can be interpreterad as representatives The artist are David Svensson.

3. Roundabout: Flags (Rodell: Flaggor)
The artist David Svensson has in this artwork from 2016 united existing national flags in new combinations to symbolize our new identities.

4. Watertower (vattentornet)
Was built 1965 and it is 52 m high. The exterior is adorned by the artwork “Dansande träd” from 1994 by Arne Persson. The choice of color is inspired of road signs, to combine the ground with the height.

5. Mission church (Missionskyrkan)
The quaint church was built 1894. The tower was built 1900 and then it looked more like a church. The Mission house was Älmhults first public building except the train station and the church was used for a large variety of meetings such as union meeting, lectures and elections. The church tower has no church bells

6. The Square well
(Torgbrunnen) The well att the square was restored in 1980. The artist Torgny Larssons aluminium artwork inauguration 1988. The inscription is as followed: ”Jag älskar att betrakta himmelen och jag ler när jag ser stjärnorna” (I love to watch the sky and I smile when I see the stars)

7.The Linné statue (Linnéstatyn)
Carl Eldh (1873-1954) created the statue of the flower king Carl von Linné. Linné was born in Råshult, Älmhult year 1707. The statue had inauguration in 1946.

8. Cultural center Blohmé (Kulturhuset Blohmé)
At the same spot as the culture center is today was Älmhults first school (The grey house that stands to the left) The big red brick house was the third school building.

8. The Schoolgirl (Skolflickan)
Outside the culture center Blohmé it is a statue of a girl. The artwork was made by Peter Linde and inauguration was held in 1988.

8. The animals that climbes (Djuren som klättrar)
The imaginative ”älgoparderna” from 2016 is made by artist Kaj Engström.

8. Art exhibition (Konstutställning)
When the library are opened they have a couple of art exhibition to look at, in culture center Blohmé

9. Stenvalvsbridge (Stenvalvsbridge)
The Fontaine is built of black granite, diabase which you will find in quarry around the Älmhult area. The artists are Takashi Narahas and had the inauguration 1987.

10. Älmhults station community (Älmhults stationssamhälle)
The area around Älmhult train station is a Culture Environment of national interest as it reflects the late 19th century’s civil ideals. From the station staircase you can clearly see the grid of streets that have been located perpendicular to the square, just as O F Sanders had thought.

11. Köpmantunnel (Köpmantunnelen)
Decorations made by Hans Hedlund from 1996: ”Skogen, stenen och vattnet”.(The woods, the stone and the water)

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