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Älmhult‘s squares and parks

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Activities, Hiking/walking, Attractions [...] A Walking path in the central part of Älmhult, where you can visit the town's different parks and squares.

Art path in Älmhult City

Älmhult   Map

Activities, Hiking/walking, Attractions [...] 2,6 km long Art path in central parts of Älmhult. Takes 1 - 2 hours. You can get a paper map on the Tourist information.

Cycling and Walking i Älmhult municipality

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Activities, Cycling, Hiking/walking Inspiration to experience Älmhult on a bike or by foot are collected in a brochure. Click the link below in order to open it in a pdf-version...


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History and culture, Activities, Hiking/walking [...] Gustavsfors is situated south of Pjätteryd, along the Helge river. Here you´ll find ruins, which bear testimony of the small industries that existed here in the 18th and 19th ce...

Höö nature reserve

Älmhult   Map

National parks and nature, Attractions, Hiking/walking The nature reserve has three walking paths and consists of water, meadows, forests, fields and pastures. The reserve is intended to preserve a piece of the old agricultural land...

Horse back riding at Krantz Gård

Horse riding Krantz Gård offers horse back riding on Icelandic horses. There are also two smaller horses on the farm for smaller children. The tours suits everybody, from beginners to the mo...

Horse ridning in Bockatorp

Älmhult   Map

Horse riding, Activities Riding school. Private or group horse riding lessons.

Linnés Råshult

Älmhult   Map

Heritage museums, History and culture, Museums [...] Welcome to Linnaeus Råshult! Carl Linnaeus, one of the most important scientists of our time, was born in Råshult´s church warden house in 1707. He eventually became one of Swed...


Älmhult   Map

Activities, Hiking/walking Walking trail in terrain, 7 km. Start at Fågelvägen in Klöxhult, Älmhult.

Naturpasset Älmhult

Älmhult   Map

Activities, Hiking/walking Welcome to Naturpasset in Älmhult. There are several checks in Västra Bökhult and Haganäsparken and you can visit them in any order and on several occasions. The natural pass is...

Naturpasset Hallaryd

Älmhult   Map

Activities, Hiking/walking Orienteering in Hallaryd. Start at the football field in Hallaryd. You can buy the map via Gunnar Bladh in Hallaryd, phone 0479-721 11.

Siggaboda - Stensjönäs nature reserve and Snapphanestenen

Älmhult   Map

National parks and nature, Activities, Hiking/walking [...] A nature reserve with a mixture of primeval forest and beech forest. Many large boulders give the area a unique and mythical athmosphere. The most common stone is called Snappha...

Stensjöäng - nature and art

Tours, Hiking/walking, Galleries and art [...] The nature and surroundings of Stensjöäng are large boulders and mossy forests with nature reserves on the properties, which means extra care and caution. On the fields there is...

Taxås Nature reserve

Älmhult   Map

Ancient remains, National parks and nature, Activities [...] The nature reserve is an area of both land and water. Deciduous forests dominate and many rare flowers grow here. Taxås cliff is known for its spectacular view over lake Möckeln...

The path of Germund Jonaes - Göteryd

Älmhult   Map

Hiking/walking, Activities Make a travel through time from today to the Stone Age. Along this cultural walking path you can read about people and events from former days, for example what the priest Germu...

Vakö mire

Älmhult   Map

National parks and nature, Activities, Hiking/walking [...] Vakö mire is one of the largest, treeless marshes in the county. In the summer of 1992 it was ravaged by fire. Many animals, plants, insects, birds, fungi and lichen strongl...

Walking trail - Haganäs park

Älmhult   Map

Activities, Hiking/walking, Attractions [...] In the Haganäs park close to central Älmhult is there a walking path with information signs of former Älmhult. Haganäs park is a leisure area with forest enviroment.

Walking trails - Hallaryd

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Activities, Hiking/walking In the area surrounding Hallaryd there are good possibilities for Walking. There are two running trails of 1,5 and 3 km. There are also two nature trails of 500 m and 3 km. Fina...

Walking-trail – Nature reserve Kronan

Älmhult   Map

Hiking/walking, Activities After a journey along winding dirt tracks through impressive deciduos forests you will reach Möckelsnäs manor. South of the manor is Kronan, a nature reserve in decidous woods. ...

Walking-trail – On yesterday’s paths Sjöastadbygd

Älmhult   Map

Hiking/walking, Activities Follow the walking trail and take the opportunity to see the remains of several old settlements. This particular area was famous for its tar burning and pitch cooking. More info...

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