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To do in Älmhult - 12 matches

Bathhouse - Haganäsbadet, Älmhult


Bathing places/swim centers An indoor swimming pool with three pools, which have different depths. The biggest one is 25 meters long. The indoor swimming poo offers you bath, sauna, baby swim and more.

Bathing place in Möckeln

Älmhult   Map

Bathing places/swim centers, Activities Large and family-friendly bathing place with shallow ground and sandbeach. Pier, swings, climbing frame with slide, shower, toilet, outdoor fireplace, tables and trashbin,

Bathing place Kruseböke

Älmhult   Map

Bathing places/swim centers, Activities Smaller cosy bathing place in a nice nature. The bathing place is located at lake Krusasjön in the village Kruseböke between Hallaryd and Killeberg. Simple pier, outhouse, outdo...

Bathing place Ramnäs, Göteryd

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Bathing places/swim centers, Activities Large and cosy bathing place in a calm area. Is located at the lake Römningen in Ramnäs, outside of Göteryd. Simple pier, outhouse and trashbin.

Bathing place Sandören, Häradsbäck

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Bathing places/swim centers, Activities Calm, small and cosy bathing place at lake Sandören in Allamåla, 5km south of Häradsbäck. Simple pier, climbing frame with slide, outhouse, outdoor fireplace, table and trashbin.

Bathing place, Bökhult, Älmhult

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Bathing places/swim centers, Activities Large bathing place at lake Möckeln, on the outskirts of Älmhult. Pier, slide in the water, playground, volleyball court, shower, toilet, restaurant, kiosk, outdoor fireplace, t...

Bathing place, Delary

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Bathing places/swim centers, Activities Small bathing place along Helge river in Delary. Simple pier, outhouse, outdoor fireplace, and trashbin.

Bathing place, Vägla, Hallaryd

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Bathing places/swim centers Vägla bathing place at Lake Vitasjön in Vägla, outside of Hallaryd village. Pier, outhouse, dressing cabins, outdorr fireplace, tables and trashbin.

Bathing place, Välje, Virestad

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Bathing places/swim centers, Activities Large nice bathing place for the whole family in Virestad lake in Välje. Nice shallow sandbeach and large areas for children to play. Pier, outhouse, dressing cabins, wind shelt...

Bokhultet's bathing beach, Diö

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Activities, Bathing places/swim centers Beautiful bathing place at the lake Möckeln in Diö which is surrounded by a beautiful nature. The road down to the beach goes through a majestic beech forest - one of the most n...

Linnés Råshult

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Heritage museums, History and culture, Museums [...] Welcome to Linnaeus Råshult! Carl Linnaeus, one of the most important scientists of our time, was born in Råshult´s church warden house in 1707. He eventually became one of Swed...

Stensjöäng - nature and art

Tours, Hiking/walking, Galleries and art [...] The nature and surroundings of Stensjöäng are large boulders and mossy forests with nature reserves on the properties, which means extra care and caution. On the fields there is...

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